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The Sum of One's Parts

The Sum of One’s Parts is a dance film by Erin Reynolds based on Reynolds’ experience as the Artist in Residence at Grand Canyon National Park (GCNP). It depicts the seemingly vast, endless, unbounded landscape of GCNP in comparison to the vital, yet ostensibly minute role of the human body as a tender of the land.

Direction, Choreography, Cinematography, Sound Design, Production, and

Performance: Erin Reynolds

Music: Alaskan Tapes

Land Acknowledgement: The Grand Canyon region has been home to humans for more than 13,000 years. The Ancestral Puebloan people have lived in and around the canyon for several thousand years, leaving behind dwellings, garden sites, food storage areas, and artifacts. Modern tribes still consider Grand Canyon their homeland. Eleven contemporary tribes have cultural links to the area, and their oral histories are rich with references to the creation of that great chasm and torrential river.

*This video premiered live at McKee Amphitheater on October 30, 2021, at the South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park.

As I Sit

As I Sit is a dance film by Erin Reynolds Performance.  Originally performed at the California State University, Long Beach's University Art Museum, As I Sit drew comment for is use of space, movement and props to distort what we see as human. 

Choreography, Direction, Sound Design, and Production: Erin Reynolds

Cinematography: Gregory R.R. Crosby

Performances: Julia Gonzalez, Kaia Makihara, and Alexandra Rix

*The video you see is an edited film version.

F*** Hail: Version 1

A retrospective by Erin of a 3 week, 115 mile journey hiking and performing dance improvisations on the Pacific Crest Trail. F*** Hail is a look at the unrefined natural beauty, inevitable self discovery, and life threatening reality of backpacking through the high sierra mountains. When a storm hits and you are at the top of a mountain pass with nowhere to hide how do you react, at what point do your instincts kick in, and how does the emotional relationship to your experiences and memories fluctuate? 


Direction, Choreography, Cinematography, Sound Design, Production, and

Performance: Erin Reynolds


Aporia is a site specific modern dance quintet by E&C performed at ArtStreet Sacramento - a multi-disciplined arts project offered for free to the public that drew over 20,000 viewers put together by M5Arts. Originally performed in Santa Cruz, California, Aporia drew comment for its strong portrayal of dichotomy, distinct movement style, and open yet guiding narrative. As a part of ArtStreet, E&C then collaborated with the curators and other artists selected for the show to further develop the piece in new, dynamic ways.

* The video you see is a summarized compilation of Aporia's performance at Art Street. 

Choreography and Direction: Erin Reynolds and Collette Kollewe (E&C)

Cinematography and Film Editing: Lea Salonon.

Performance: Collette Kollewe, Callie Daniel, Laurel Stephenson Haskins, Julia Daniel, Erin Reynolds

The Veil

In an era of uncertainty, an age of a deadly pandemic, the world is undergoing constant massive psychological shifts. In their choreographic work, The Veil, Erin Reynolds and dancers showcase a personal reflection of their collective experiences within a new world. A world of oscillating between feelings of fear, anger, sadness, worry, numbness, and frustration. A world of uncertainty. A world of distance. And a world craving for human connection. The Veil originally premiered as a part of CSU Chico's Unity In Motion.


Choreography by Erin Reynolds in Collaboration with Dancers Marlene Bruce, Ilana Greenberg, Sofia Gutierrez, Natsumi Kawamura, Demondra Martin, Lily Marvin, Chelsea Maynard, Jackson Taitano, Claire Vandeman, and Z

Music: Gifted by Cristobal Tapia De Veer

Erin Reynolds, Sound Design

Performers: Marlene Bruce, Ilana Greenberg, Sofia Gutierrez, Natsumi Kawamura, Demondra Martin, Lily Marvin, Chelsea Maynard, Jackson Taitano, Claire Vandeman, Z

It's Not Just a Glove

It's Not Just a Glove is a film by Erin Reynolds Performances in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Facing white supremacy, devastating explosions, COVID-19, hurricanes, and raging fires is bleak and often emptying as individuals begin to recognize the truth of the future of the world. It's Not Just a Glove uses parody to comment on the problematic methods of white washed historical documentaries through the lens of the pandemic allowing for a dark look at living in the United States in 2020. 


Direction, Choreography, Writing, Sound Design, and Production: Erin Reynolds

Performances: Erin and Greg Reynolds

Voice Overs: Queala Clancy, Issa Hourani, Erin Reynolds, and Greg Reynolds

Music: Yoko Kanno and Seatbelts

what's coming and what's been

"say we spend our last moments staring
at each other, hands knotted together
clutching the dog, watc
hing the sky
-Ada Limón

Choreography by Erin Reynolds in Collaboration with Dancers Natalie Bourn, Alessandra Carli, Marissa Fischer, Jaiden Griffin, Sophia Janji, Emma Lam, Yamileth Lomeli, Audrey Moore, Ililani Reynolds, Jackson Taitano, and Jazzmeen Warren

Music: Antoine Binat, Yutaka Nakamura, and Dinah Washington

Erin Reynolds, Sound Design


stacks is about pattern. It is about repetition, arrangement, and orientation. Where do you see pattern in the world and how do you relate to it? Do you find it in the repetition of your daily life? In the seasons and the days? In the ways in which you brush your teeth or tuck yourself into bed every night? Pattern surrounds us. We use it to get through difficult times. We use it to help us understand why one thing works while another does not. We even use it to keep our hearts pumping and brains functioning. And yet, when something disrupts that pattern, what do we do? How do we react…and why?

Choreography and Performance: Erin Reynolds and Collette Kollewe (E&C)

Film: Robert Lowman

*Please note that there was no way to video the entire piece straight on due to the size of the performance venue. The video therefore tracks the dancers to the best of its ability within the venues constraints.

Video EXP

Video Exploration is an edited compilation of dance improvisations by Erin Reynolds in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and France. It is the product of the first time Erin experimented editing dance video and is an exploration of choreographing dance through the lens of video editing.

Direction, Choreography, Sound Design, Production, Editing, and

Performance: Erin Reynolds

Cinematography: Sean Price

*All movement is improvised

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