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Erin Reynolds Performances

Led by artistic director Erin Reynolds, Erin Reynolds Performances presents site-based, collaborative, contemporary dance works that connect viewers to the culturally complex intricacies of humanity. Our performances hold up a magnifying glass to the unique and unappreciated connections between extraordinary and everyday moments. Erin Reynolds Performances place dance works where people already exist, not as audiences but as human beings. We believe that dance exists all the time and everywhere. We create dances by and for everyday people in locations where humans spend most of their time. Our dances connect to the truly realistic forms of our bodies and selves – sometimes sacred and sometimes profane. Often exposing difficult topics of gender and sexuality, Erin Reynolds Performances considers body and place modes of measuring the depth of human psyche against the mundanity of everyday life. Integrated into our mission is the constant goal of keeping our work relevant in an ever-changing technology focused culture. We do this through the use of multimedia platforms in our marketing, in our publicity, and within our performances - making our dynamic works accessible to new ways of viewing and experiencing media.

Photo Gallery

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Photo Credits: Jamie Carr, Gregory RR Crosby, Adrien Padilla, and Erin Reynolds

Costume Design Credit: Kelsey Vidic

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